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SOrrY I dIdN'T uPDatE yeSTerDaY BuT yEsteRdaY waS gReAt, Me aNd nAdIa HuNg oUt, NaDia'S HoUsE Is GrEaT I lOVe iT, PaiGe cAme OveR LasT NiGhT, I aM So wOrriEd, ShE FaiNtED, I HoPE She'S oK! ShE'S A gOod FrIeND oF mIne, WeLL I CalLed ToBy aNd ToLd HiM And He ToLD aSh, WeLL NoW, LiBeRtY AnD eMMa AnD nAdiA mIgHT CoMe oVeR, aNd We MiGhT Go To ThE doT WeLl I'LL LeT yoU kNow WhaT hAppEnS laTer, ByE

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